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  • What to Do If Your Car Gets Submerged in Water

    It’s always best to be prepared for worst-case scenarios, especially when you’re behind the wheel. After all, you simply never know when you could find yourself fighting for your life. One such scenario that most drivers never anticipate finding themselves in is being in a car that’s becoming submerged in water. This can happen when […]

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  • 10 Steps To Replace A Water Pump On A V6, 3.1 Liter Engine

    If you have a basic understanding of how your vehicle’s engine works and a bit of mechanical inclination, then you can replace a failed water pump on your car. This process should take about three hours to complete, and it is specific to the V6, 3.1 Liter engine that is very common in 1990’s era […]

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  • Classic Car Sales in Kansas City Mo

    There are times in the past that bring about a certain feeling, a nostalgia of how things once were. This is why many people collect older items, as they give one this instant feeling of being almost transported back in time. Whether ones collects old furniture to heirloom collectibles; it are these classic items that […]

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  • Car Dent Repair

    A dent in a vehicle’s door or body can cause the owner great pain. This vehicle, the one that he keeps in great shape through rigorous maintenance, is now marred by a dent. This event is a horror story no matter the size of the dent. Large or small, it has to be fixed before […]

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  • The Memorable Time You Can Have Renting a Limo

    You will want to remember events such as proms, weddings, quinceaƱeras, or sweet sixteen parties. You will want to spare no expense on lifetime events like this; one of the things that should be at the very top of the list is renting limousine services. We naturally associate limos with the rich and upper-crust society. […]

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  • RV Repair in Phoenix, AZ

    RV stands for recreational vehicle. RVs are an excellent way to travel and see all that this great world has to offer. Many people decide to retire in an RV to save money. It is less costly than owning a whole home and gives them the freedom to travel at will. RV’s are a great […]

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How Do Brake Pads Work?

Brake pads play a key role in a complex braking system. A lot happens when you press down on the brake pedal. What exactly happens and what role do brake pads have in the braking system?

Organic or Ceramic?

When looking at brake pads there are several different types of pads that you can buy to use on your car. Which pads are the easiest to install and the best for your car?

Do It Yourself

Replacing your brake pads may seem like a tricky job that you had better let your mechanic do right? Wrong! You can simply do it yourself by following these easy steps.